Whether you are a homeowner working on a remodeling project or a general contractor building a home for a client, it is important to work with an electrical contractor you can trust. At Supreme Electric, we strive to meet your new construction electrical needs quickly and efficiently. No matter the size or nature of your property, our skilled electricians are ready to help.

We can also assist with lighting and electrical design ideas for your new property or remodel. Supreme Electric goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers are happy with their finished lighting and electrical layout. When the project is finished, we work to ensure sure that there will be no issues like tripped breakers or lights that are too dim.

Residential Construction Services

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New Construction

The lighting and electrical system in your new property are essential to your home’s daily function. Therefore, it is vital to hire a team of experienced electricians who can ensure that you receive the top-quality work you deserve. When it comes to providing electrical services for new construction, customers trust us because of our upfront pricing, reliable and professional electricians, and quality workmanship.

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Homes that were built anytime before the 1960s were wired to handle a minimal amount of electrical appliances and lighting. In our current day and age, we typically use a large number of modern conveniences, from microwaves and dishwashers to computers and entertainment centers. If your home is not properly accommodating the appliances you have or wish to install, Supreme Electric can help. We work with homeowners who are undergoing remodeling and want to make electrical upgrades.

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